Large Posters

Strong, yet flexible material has a uniform matte finish with a specialized coating that allows for vibrant, photorealistic printing.


Stock: Poster 8pt C2S Stock


Colour: Full-color CMYK - 1 sided (4/0)


Product specifications:

  • Custom Trim Size
  • Packaged and Delivered in a roll
  • Grommet Options

Size options:

12"x24" | 12"x36" | 12"x48" | 12"x60" | 24"x24"
24"x36" | 24"x48" | 24"x60" | 24"x48" | 24"x60"
36"x36" | 36"x48" | 36"x60" | 48"x48" | 48"x60"
60"x60" | 60"x72" | 60"x84" | 60"x96" 

These are often used for:

  • Indoor Poster Display

Order by choosing from following options:

  • Upload your own design files (please see our artwork guidelines)
  • Let us design for you (Use our experts to do all graphic design work at an affordable price)
12" x 60"1C$ 18.91
2C$ 30.21
3C$ 41.33
4C$ 52.82
5C$ 64.13
6C$ 75.24
7C$ 86.45
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Regular Price

C$ 13.64

Unit Price: C$ 13.64

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